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Fanfiction-- A Doll's House  
10:23pm 30/11/2007
camera shy anarchist
Kristine Linde/Nils Krogstad, 100 words, G. Pre-play.
Part one in a series.
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Original Art Icons  
12:23pm 24/11/2007
camera shy anarchist

Feel free to take one. I'm thrilled if you want to take one at all, but a little credit would be nice too. All were made by me using Adobe Photoshop 7.0, my Wacom tablet (aka Albert), and  nik Color Effects Pro.
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Don't forget that guns can go "boom".  
08:05pm 03/10/2007
camera shy anarchist
+ 11 Assassins icons! All are from the Original Broadway Cast. Please credit me if you use them. I was quite pleased with the bases I managed to capture, so I'll be uploading them later for use in other icons. Please don't modify these-- that's what my bases are for!
Icons under the cut.Collapse )
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tags: assassins
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Hey, all.  
12:05pm 05/08/2007
camera shy anarchist
Just wanted to let you know that this journal will be for the most part friends only.
If I know you, as in have met you in the flesh or via another website, consider us friends. I'll accept as long as I can figure out who you are.
Otherwise, I probably won't accept. Sorry!
If I ever add any other public entries, then by all means read them. I probably want you to.
mood: chipperchipper
music: Me & The Minibar- The Dresden Dolls
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